Young Entrepenuers

Written by Justin posted on Mar 7, 2014 in Conor, Family, Kayce

I uncovered this old friend while searching through some of my belongings still stored in my parent’s basement. This (along with many other distractions) got me through some long road trips as a youngin’. Assuming the bonkers level is manageable, from time to time we’ll sit down and do a game night with the boys. I thought this travel Monopoly Junior would be a big hit with the older two.

They are loving it! I think we have played 3 of the last 7 nights. There may have been a fight or two over who gets to be the banker.

The game is almost 25 years old but still holds up well. Magically, all the pieces are still there and the kids are “getting” it. It’s a good segway into the real Monopoly. It’s just great to turn off the TV sometimes and break out the board games. Am I right?!

I also learned Dawn’s family had quite a few game nights of their own as did mine growing up.

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