We Took a Trip – Day 1

Written by Justin posted on Mar 29, 2018 in Family, Photos, Vacation

Been awhile, no? Gettin’ back to it with our own personal tour diary. We took a trip two months ago to meet the world’s most famous mouse. It FAR exceeded my expectations in all sorts of ways.




Early start to this vacation. We were out the door and boarded on the plane by 6:00 am. Nintendo Switch proved to be a valuable flight time distraction. As did, iPads, books, word puzzles, baseball cards and coloring books.

We got our first taste of the Disney experience at the airport. Shuttles, luggage, all taken care of by Disney. No luggage carousel, pickup coordination, or rental car to fetch. All we had to do was relax. Disney lined everything up. Which after typically being the point guy to coordinate comings and goings on vacations for a family of 6, was a nice break.

Any weather was going to beat Chicago in January. Mid 60’s felt like pure bliss. This is of the whole gang, fresh off the bus, and getting set for our accommodations at Old Key West.

The resort had some Hemingway memorabilia and a Florida Keys vibe. I’ve never been, so I can’t confirm.

There is a launch and boat taxi that takes you to various Disney stops. We had to take advantage, so we hitched a ride to Disney Springs in search of some eats.

The stomach rumblings taking over, we stopped at the first place that could accommodate our Quick Service Meal Plan – Blaze Pizza. Every vacation should start with pizza, right?

We took the boat back after some shopping. The kids were begging to get in some swimming. 60 degrees or not, these kids were going.

We finished off Day 1 by taking a shuttle to the Magic Kingdom to get on the monorail to the Polynesian Resort. We dined at Ohana, which specializes in family style eats and Brazilian steakhouse style service. It was taaaasty. A good first choice for night one. I think we had this pegged as a “character” dinner, but there were none. Never the less, the kids started the souvenir purchasing. Which despite the constant nagging to checkout storefronts, was adorable looking back.

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