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Written by Justin posted on Jan 8, 2013 in Photos

As a Christmas gift to all 4 of the Grimm boys, Auntie Robin got us a family pass to the Shedd Aquarium. What a great idea! So last Saturday we got the whole gang up early and ready, then headed to the city to take advantage of our new golden ticket. The Shedd has always been my favorite spot to visit. I’m an absolute sucker for anything aquatic, amphibious or even reptilious. Heck, at one point I thought I was going to become a herpetologist.  So I’m right in my element whenever we make it out.  Shedd seems quickly to becoming a favorite of the Boys too! This would be the first visit for Devin & Dakota. Both Dawn and I were pretty excited to see how they would react. It did not take long for them to bob up and down with absolute astonishment at the large tank which greets you as you enter the aquarium. Yup, those two were pounding on the glass and squealing with giddy in no time.

Kayce and Conor are no strangers to the aquarium but it had been quite some time in-between visits. I believe the last time out was just before the twins were born in the spring of 2011. I took Kayce and Conor for a boys day out. Since which time, Kayce has been bringing up on a regular basis about getting the stuffed animal jellyfish which I promised him we could get on our next visit back. The kid never forgets ANYTHING!

We arrived just minutes after opening. So we decided it best to make our way to the Jellyfish Exhibit before the crowds were in full swing. The boys and I had seen it on our last trip, but it was new for Dawn. And might as well been new for me too. If you have not been, do yourself a favor and get over if for nothing else than to checkout this exhibit. Shedd does an amazing job with the display, colors, lighting, even background music. All of it harmonizing to highlight a truly amazing creature. After that we had 10:30 tickets to the dolphin show. Which turned out to be a holiday theme. We got to see the Beluga whales (with their new calf) in action. As well, they brought a sea lion out into the crowd. Which was a nice surprise and what the boys enjoyed most. Some of the other days highlights: the shark reef (really anything shark related), the japanese spider crab, bullets ants (most powerful sting of any insect!), and so much more.

It had been some time since I charged up the old SLR camera and took it out shooting. I feel like I did a good job of toting it around when we had just the two, but since the twins came along, it’s been a struggle. Yup, usually these days all I have is my trusty iPhone 3GS to document my surroundings. It does the job to a degree, but the image quality is an absolute killer some times. I figured I wouldn’t be able to live with the iPhone for this one. The aquarium is a tough place to shoot. Such great colors and life. But the lighting and crowds make it almost unbearable. Plus again, trying to keep an eye on 4 kids limits the opportunities! Never the less, I managed to snap a few.

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2 Comments to “Visit to the Shedd Aquarium”

  1. Auntie Robin

    Yay! I am so glad that you all had fun at the Shedd! Hopefully you will get to take lots of trips there this year:-).
    Justin, love the photos! They are AWESOME!!!! You may not take your camera out often anymore, but you still have the skill:-)


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