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Written by Justin posted on Aug 18, 2012 in Dakota, Devin, Photos, Video
Say Hey

Say Hey!

Both twins started crawling pretty furiously right around their first birthday. They very quickly went from sedentary on a play mat to barreling everywhere. Having to keep an eye on two at once at all times is getting increasingly difficult. These two like to test the waters more than Kayce and Conor. Light sockets to put fingers in, little toys to test in the mouth, they’ll try anything. They walk along objects and with walkers but are not quite ready to take those first steps unhinged. Dawn is working with them on it and with Kayce and Conor shoving off to school it won’t be long before they are trotting along on two instead of four. Not pictured, Dakota likes to do what can only be described as “ape crawl”. He balls up one fist and plants it as he crawls along. It’s quite the site.

They’ve been on solids for quite a while now, and there is pretty much nothing they won’t munch on. We’re trying desperately to keep a good balance of fruits and veggies in the diet. Given how difficult it can be to get older brother Conor to eat anything that isn’t pizza, quesadilla or hot dogs, we’re trying to keep that stuff to a min. Thank the money lords the doc told us we could take them off formula at 1 year. We still go through an absurd amount of milk on a weekly basis(6 gallons or so), but that’s a big savings over 2-3 cans of Enfamil/week.

Now they’ll be slurping up milk via the sippy cup.  We ditched the bottles this week once and for all. Dawn and I have always gone cold turkey right around the age of 1. The twins got a 3 month buffer because of their age adjustment. We’ve always found the earlier you cut them off, the less resistance you get.

Ya, they get a whole topic dedicated to hair. There’s is insane. It’s like a pompadour full of blond curls a top their heads. We’re not quite sure where in the blood lines they came from, but everyone seems to poke a little fun at it. So, they got their first cutting thanks to Auntie Jessie. Not a tear to be shed, they took it like champs.

Just take a little off the top

Just take a little off the top

Many people who have experience with twins, especially identical/same-sex have commented to us that an easy differentiating factor between them will be their personalities. True to the word, we’re already seeing the subtle differences despite not being able to talk. Devin tends to be a little more chill and affection craving. Although, the kid could throw a ball around for hours on end. Don’t remember any of them being more obsessed or dedicated to one activity at such a young age.  Dakota tends to be a little more adventurous and independent. He’s also a slightly lighter sleeper than his brother. But maybe that’s because his crib is closest to the door.

It certainly will be interesting to see where they go from here!

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2 Comments to “Twins Update”

  1. Auntie Mamy

    Devin and Dakota—I love watching all the new things that you can do!! The Olympics were just on, and I think they should have created a new event this year: Speed Crawling. You guys would have it in the bag. We could have taken home the gold…..

  2. Auntie Jessies

    LOVE!!! Cannot believe how fast you guys are growing up! Time needs to slow down now!!


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