Trip with the Haynes to Door County

Written by Justin posted on Oct 12, 2010 in Conor, Kayce, Photos, Summer

Sorry about snoozing on posting these in a timely fashion. These are photos from a trip we took at the end of July to The Haynes Family cabin in beautiful Door County, WI.  They graciously invited us up to spend a couple of days and introduce the Grimm Boys to their beautiful homestead on the lake.  The tried and true great times were in play as they always are.  The boys and Dawn loved it!

This was the last trip we took with the dearest of friends, Mike Haynes.  We miss you so much, Mikey.

Taking a snooze out on Lake Michigan

Nothing but clear skies and warm temps

The youngins' sharing a chair and passionate sunset

Ah, Sis.

Proverbial Sunset Photo (D.C. births these out like it's nothing)

Trying to view all the way to Michigan

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