‘Tis the season

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last week we all sat down to go through the Toys R Us Big Book.  The boys went through every page and picked out which toys they wanted to ask Santa for.  Thinking now, it might have been easier to write a ‘do not want’ list instead :)

So the next day each and every commercial that came on the tv had Conor screaming, “I want that, I want that!”  And until he was acknowledged and I said, “OK Conor, you want that”, he would keep repeating that line over and over!

I think I actually like Christmas even more now as an adult, not sure if that is even possible, than I did as a child.  There is nothing more precious than watching the excitement on their little faces throughout the entire holiday season.  We started the kickoff to the season by taking them to the Magnificent Mile lights show.  Kayce sat on Justin’s shoulders the whole time, while I was trying to lift Conor as high as possible so that he could see everything.  They loved it and had a great time.

Nothing but fun awaits us this whole next month leading up to Christmas!  I cannot wait!

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