This Age In Boys

Written by Justin posted on Feb 5, 2016 in Kayce, Photos

I remember taking this photo. It was nearly 9 years ago. Kayce was only a handful of weeks old. The Bears were getting set to take on the Colts in Super Bowl XLI.

Up until a few months ago, the amount of football this kid watched after this day was very minimal. It never kept his attention. Save for the occasional Bulls or Blackhawks game, most sports viewing did not spark legitimate interest. Maybe he tried to appease me, but that was the extent.

Something changed though. It was around August or September. Maybe it was chemical, I don’t know. Just as the Cubs started to surge, so did Kayce’s interest in watching baseball. As the playoff race heated up, he was smitten. Consuming all data about standings, statistics, players, teams, everything and anything. Selfishly, I was giddy. I had someone to talk sports with. “Is Fowler batting 1st tonight, Dad?”. “What happens if the Cubs & Pirates finish with the same record?”. I was witnessing something very profound and genuine. It’s hard to quantify. It’s the affection and concern for something outside of oneself. To recognize the outside world and take real interest in something it has to offer. Be it sport, art, music, politics, food, whatever. Kayce found it.

IT snowballed. I thought things had reached a fever pitch when The Cubs exited the postseason. Foolish me. Football took over with a vengeance. More particularly, the Denver Broncos. Maybe you have heard of their backup QB, Brock Osweiler, he’s Kayce’s favorite player. Don’t ask me why. He has become quite synonymous with the Broncos around his friends and school. Santa even questioned why he had such an affinity for a team nearly a thousand miles away. “Because my Dad was born in Denver”. I swear I didn’t put him up to that.

So with Super Bowl 50 happening this weekend, 3 of the Grimm boys will be running around happily oblivious to the game. But you know just where Kayce will be.

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