The Times They Are A Changin’

Written by Justin posted on Dec 5, 2012 in Site Related

You may have noticed a slight makeover to the site. Well, it’s more than slight. Over the years the site has covered quite the evolutionary trail. First there was, then, and it’s final molting has resulted in where you sit now, The site look and feel is far from complete. I’m most excited about implementing a fully responsive design. Which in laymen’s terms means the site will be optimized on just about any device. Cave wall, maybe not. But iPad, iPhone, PC, all should look and read much better. So take a look from your phone or elsewhere and let me know if something doesn’t look quite right.

I pushed for this change not only to ring in a revamped layout, but to grow the content we post here. By making it “The Grimm Family”, Dawn and I might write the occasional post which has nothing to do with our beloved boys. Maybe it’s a good recipe, recent home project, or just a random thought/opinion. This seemed like the right spot for those to live rather than starting up other sites. Which is incredibly exciting to me. All this is not to say we won’t be fully pressing anything and everything our little boys are up to. After all, they do consume 95% of our time. So fear not, this is still very much the spot to check in on Kayce, Conor, Devin & Dakota. Plus, Kayce is getting near the age where he is starting to snap photos and formulate some incredible thoughts. So I’m going to encourage him to do the occasional post. Even if for now I do the typing. Stay tuned for those!

Other than that? Thanks for sticking around. I know the posts have been sparse and sporadic at times. We plan to start posting on a much regular basis. Things got tricky settling in to our new surroundings and with the Twins becoming much more mobile over the last few months (read: constant attention!). We’re going to make an effort to get back here and grow this into the joint family collective I believe it was destined to become all along.

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