The Summer of Short Trips

Written by Justin posted on Aug 23, 2016 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Kayce, Photos, Summer

We did not hitch up the wagon and head west this summer. No sailing the seven seas either. We did make an effort though to jam as many adventures in as we could.

First stop was Willis Tower. Dad & elder two conquered this one. Lived in/around Chicago nearly my whole life, and this is a monument I had never visited.

Union Station - Grand Hall
Finished it up with some Blaze. These two were in heaven.

All those stairs made us hungry for some Blaze.


Next stop was a summer lake house near the Indiana Dunes.


Barth Pond is a quaint spot just a few blocks away from home. We hit it up for a picnic and some fishing.


Next on to Pittsburgh to visit a new ballpark and watch our beloved Cubs


Dawn and I belatedly celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to Galena, IL.

We skipped town and #1 and his team secured the DG A Ball championship!

We skipped town and #1 and his team secured the DG A Ball championship!

First trip to Maggie Daley Park and the surrounding Millennium Park amenities

We also visited Lake Townsend, WI. Where we got to spend some quality time with family at a lake house as well. Much fishing, tubing, boating was done. Somewhere in this mess, we also went camping with some excellent friends.

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