The State of Music Videos

Written by Justin posted on Nov 22, 2013 in Opinion, Rant

In my younger days, I would stay up late to watch MTV into the wee hours of the night. I would spend hours on a steady diet of Headbangers Ball and 120 Minutes. Those videos exposed me to a lot of great (and terrible) music during my formative years.

Lately, I have found myself wondering more and more how my kids will get their musical fixes. The M in TV is completely gone. FM radio is the pits. Where will they find it? It sounds like YouTube is a growing provider, but it still seems very self-serving to me. You need to search out bands/artists by name rather than getting them introduced to you by a spikey haired Ricky Rachman type. Maybe this is for the better? Who knows.

The Pitchfork > City of Music series has renewed some of my hope about the music video medium. It’s a series of music vids with the artists playing in a live setting. Certainly not a new formula, but they are produced with the finest attention to detail. The sets are conducive of the act and the live execution and recording of each song is brilliant. These videos bleed the thoughtfulness put into them by everyone involved.

After the Battles video caught my attention, I spent one night watching nearly every one in the series. And well, I have not done that since those “younger days”.

Then The Volcano Choir did a video of the song Comrade (same one I used to score Conor’s 5th bday anthology), and it nearly brought me to tears. It was one I just had to bring the boys over to watch. Just seeing their brains soak it in was a slice of heaven. I constantly have to remind myself what I like they may not like. But then again, don’t some things transcend our personal favoritisms?


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