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Written by Justin posted on Dec 23, 2015 in Family, Opinion, Rant

The day after seeing The Force Awakens, a co-worker asked me to rate it on a scale of 1-10. An impossible task I told him. How do you quantify restoring credibility in the greatest movie franchise of all time! Like so many, I grew up on steady diet of Star Wars. It defined my childhood long into my teenage years and beyond. It’s something I hold very near and dear to my heart. After the great prequel letdown, my guard was up.

Episode VII was incredible. It managed to expand on a universe built up over 30+ years and at the same time opened up many new roads for exploration. Much like A New Hope once did for one generation, The Force Awakens accomplishes for another. The truth is, I could go on gushing and breaking down this movie for days. I honestly could.

I will keep it to one point. Something that hit me even harder the second time through. The chosen heroes are not your standard fair. The heroine is just that. A strong, young, smart, self-reliant, female. Her companion a hero who exemplifies courage, bravery, wit, and will. This is the biggest movie franchise of all time. They did not need to put a young girl and a minority in the driver seat to take this franchise to the next generation. They would have sold the tickets regardless, but they took a chance. Flipped the script and NAILED IT. From where I sit, this is a bold and beautiful accomplishment. My world is still muddied with hatred and discrimination in nearly every corner. But for my children, the young impressionable minds. Growing up and worshipping heroes like this, maybe, just maybe we can start to flip the script on humanity.

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