South Dakota Trip Diary – Day 6

Written by Justin posted on Aug 12, 2015 in Family, Photos, Summer, Vacation

For all intents and purposes, this was the last day of our trip. I’m not going to count the drive from Omaha to home as anything close to a vacation day.

Departing day is always a sad one when it comes to vacations. This one had that feel, but we tried to perk it up by scheduling a stop at Bad Lands National Park and taking a different route home. We got the cabin in as good a shape as we could and hit the road.

We knew we wanted to hit the Badlands on the way back after skipping it on the way in.


I did not quite know what to expect from the Badlands. After all, they were given this name by the Lakota Indians with reason. The terrain is rugged and the temperatures can be extreme. The views though, immaculate. I want to label this the Grand Canyon of the North. Only it’s not really a canyon, and I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon to judge. Only regrets are not getting to spend enough time exploring here. I’d love to do some camping here in the future.


We spent a couple hours taking in the Bad Lands and then hit the road for Omaha. We wanted to take in some different states for the ride home.


We strolled into Omaha right around dusk after a long day on the road. We found refuge at a hotel right near downtown. Our last local restaurant stop of the tour ended up being Zio’s Pizzeria. You didn’t think we could make it a whole trip without eating pizza did you? Nah. This place was another big hit. NY Style pies that did not disappoint. Kids and adults approved.

What else can I say? The trip was a total success. We all had an absolute blast. The car rides were tackled with ease and for the most part enjoyment and wonder. I’m quite thankful to have the friends and family to be able to make these memories. As well, the the ability to take trips like this. I don’t take it for granted and plan on doing it until I no longer can.


3 Comments to “South Dakota Trip Diary – Day 6”

  1. Lucille

    What an amazing family trip! I loved hearing all your details! I know the
    boys had a remarkable time. Pictures were great too!
    Where are you planning your next trip??!!

  2. Justin

    Thank you! We wanted to switch things up and head east coast next, New England area. BUUUUT, we figured we have to get the Disney World trip in first. So all savings are going towards that!

    • Lucille

      The boys are at a perfect age for the Disney Trip! Maybe I can win the lottery and we can all go!!! now wouldn’t that be GREAT!!!


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