South Dakota Trip Diary – Day 4

Written by Justin posted on Aug 5, 2015 in Family, Photos, Summer, Vacation

Today we wanted to head off the beaten path. Checkout a little bit more of what the Black Hills had to offer in the way of hiking paths. Gid zeroed in on the Devil’s Bathtub. A hiking trail with the payoff the end being a water fall and pool. This was not the kind of location we could rely on Google Maps to lead us to. We plotted the way and were off shortly after breakfast.

Through many a tight curve and towns I’m not even you sure you could call towns, we reached Spearfish. Not long after we found the trail entrance. This is a bit of a hidden gem as there are no road signs or pull-offs leading up to the trail.

The trail was classified as “moderate”. In retrospect, maybe we should not have attempted without better gear and the littlest ones. The walking path was little more than a faint path in thick brush. At many points, the path forward became blocked and hikers are forced to cross a shallow (albeit very fast moving and slippery) creek bed. At other points along the way we tackled: scaling small rock structures, makeshift rock bridges, leaping down onto landings 5ft below.

There came a point where the Haynes family decided it best to turn back. The trail was hard enough, but carrying around a 2 year old on it made it nearly impossible. Or at the very least, highly unsafe for parent or child.

As they turned back, we pushed on. Determined to see what the Devil’s Bathtub had to offer. Sadly, we too did not complete the hike. Again, safety became a pretty big concern. If the youngest two had been a little older and sure of foot, I think we would have pushed on. I estimate we made it about 1/4-1/2 a mile. The whole thing being about 1.25 miles round trip. Until we meet again, Devil’s Bathtub….

The rest of the day was spent playing baseball, cooking out, drinking spirits, playing Trivial Pursuit, and enjoying the company together at the cabin.


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