Some Kayce moments

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

These are some of my favorite most recent Kayce moments.  He says things on a daily basis that just put a smile on my face.

After putting Kayce to bed the other night, he comes out of his room and says he has to ‘frow up’.  While walking down the hall to the bathroom he asks me, “do I get a treat if I frow up?”   LOL, this had Justin and myself laughing for a while afterwards.   He gets M&M’s for pooping on the potty and so he thought that he would get one for puking too!  Still makes me laugh just remembering that night.

On the way to Aunt Beth and Uncle Charlie’s house Kayce told me, “no naps on the holiday!”

We were driving home from Aunt Beth and Uncle Charlie’s house last night and I was telling Kayce how he was such a good boy the whole day.  He says in the most precious 3 year old voice, “Santa will be so proud of me!”

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