Queen of our castle

Written by Dawn posted on Jun 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

We officially have the 4 most beautiful, precious boys in this world.  Devin Daniel Grimm was born at 2:31pm and Dakota Eric Grimm was born at 2:32pm on Saturday, May 28th.  Devin weighed 3 lb 4oz and Dakota weighed 3lb 7oz.  They truly are miracles.  Every feature is as perfect as can be at 30 weeks gestation.  There is no way that anyone can take a look at them and not believe in miracles.  It just isn’t possible.  They are 10 days old today.  They are both off of their nasal cannulas  already, which they were wearing to get pressure to keep their lungs open.  They both got their IV’s taken out yesterday.   They have a nasogastric tube to give them feedings until they are about 33 weeks gestation, and that is the last tube left in them!     They both get caffeine  to help with the periods of apnea that they get.  It stimulates their brains and reminds them to breathe.  But they are having these periods less frequently every day.   Now their only job is to keep gaining weight and hurry home to us where they belong!

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  1. Auntie Jessies

    you do have the 4 most precious boys!!!!!!!! cant wait till they get to come home!!! & cant wait till baby but is born also and the 5 of them can have playdates!!


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