Preschool is here

Written by Dawn posted on Aug 24, 2010 in Kayce, Photos

First day arriving at pre-school

It is hard to believe that our baby actually started preschool today.  I remember when he was born thinking how far away this day sounded, and now it is actually here.  We  dropped him off this morning and he went right to the legos and was having fun building.  I didn’t sneak out, although I thought about it.  I wasn’t sure what would be better for him, so I decided to give him a kiss and tell him goodbye.  He barely even raised his head and said a quick bye back and continued on with his building.  I walked out of the building thinking that this was going to be a piece of cake for him.

Then after a few hours it was time to pick him up.  All of the kids sit in a circle on the rug and they open the door for the Moms to come pick them up.  As other Moms entered the room, their child ran to them and embraced them in their arms with huge smiles on their faces.  Oh, not Kayce!  Kayce wouldn’t even look at me.  He remained sitting and just staring at the floor.  The teacher noticed and came over to me telling me how he cried about a half hour after I left and was saying that he missed his Mommy.  So she told him that they could paint a picture for me and he cried for only about two minutes.   The teacher said he was fine after that and was having a lot of fun with two other boys in the class.  I finally get him up to go and we get in the car.  He was very quiet in the car.  After a few minutes, with bottom lip in full quiver mode he says, “I don’t want to go back to school, just one time.”  And he remained very sad until we got home.  At lunch he still wasn’t talking much to me, so I said, “Kayce, are you mad at me?”.  He says with a small smirk on his face, “Yeah, you left me.”   After a while he started acting like himself every once in a while saying that he didn’t want to go back to school and I just smiled and nodded.  We will see what Thursday will bring….

UPDATE: Day 2 went really well. Kayce looked a bit uneasy when I dropped him off, but teach had nothing but good things to report upon pickup. Yay for school! – Justin

Backpack on and Conor lurking

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