Potty Tutorial

Written by Dawn posted on Mar 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kayce decided this afternoon that he would like Conor to go with him to the bathroom so he could ‘see how to do it’.

“First you turn on the light.  Then you put up the potty.  Then you pull down your pants and undies.  Then you sit on the potty.  Then you just wait and push really hard.  See, it came out.  Now you wipe your butt.  If you have poop on you still, you need to wipe again.  Then you pull up your undies and pants.  Then you flush the toilet.  Then you wash your hands with soap.  And then you are done.  Now you try it!  You need to do all that all by yourself.  But you can use your little potty because this one is too big for you still! ”

Kayce comes back to the tv room with Conor trailing behind him pantless and says, “Mom, I showed Conor how I go poop!”

Hmm, maybe we can just leave all the potty training of Conor up to big brother Kayce :)

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