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Neighbor BBQ

Since the moment we moved to the block in March of 2012 our neighbors have made us feel as if we were life-long residents.  Many of whom have been living on the block much longer than my lifetime.  They easily could have written us off as young disruptors.  With 4 kids under the age of 5 running around like a pack of wolves, I can only imagine the conclusions which might enter someone’s head.  Instead we have been treated like family. Daily greetings, tips on living in a town we were largely unfamiliar with, help with the yard, help with the kids. I never thought I’d enjoy a conversation about the weather until I met these folks. Plus, they absolutely adore the boys with a genuineness that can’t be faked. It’s been a very humbling experience.

As a kid, we had a neighbor for a few years who was the exact opposite. If a ball went over the fence, he kept it. If we stepped on his lawn, my dad heard about it. Thankfully, he moved away after a few years. I’d like to think my brothers and I drove him to it. So, I’m kind of the authority now on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been shown how important it can be to welcome in that new family/couple/dude/lady who moves in next store.

Looking back, it seems odd to me that getting so welcomed at first felt, well, odd and foreign. So let’s get back to it. Do your part and welcome your neighbors, young or old. Have them over for a bbq or to share a pizza. We decided to and it made for one excellent night!

p.s. Last Friday, neighbor Bob (second one in on the right), he surprised us completely out of the blue with a pizza. It was from a place he had been telling us about. He “just wanted to see if we would like it”.  How amazingly awesome is that?!

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Mom’s Gotta Post Too

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Devin & Dakota:

I cannot even begin to fathom you are now two years old.  How the heck did that happen??  Although, I will not complain those first two difficult years are now past us. I feel like up until now, raising twins is survival of the fittest.  I joked to your Daddy we should have had t-shirts made for the two of us which read, “We Survived!”  I am just starting to feel like the intensity is dying down now that you are two.  Sure, this age brings different challenges. But the pumping, feeding, sleep deprivation, with no time to catch my breath was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced.  Oh, and trying to care and give attention to your big brothers at the same time too.

I must admit, it is comical to watch what you little buggers can actually scheme up and do together. Now we deal with you wreaking havoc to anything not bolted to the floor.  Breaking the coffee pot, cracking an iPad, dumping the salt and pepper in every crevice of the house. Your big brothers never pulled off the stuff you do.  I think because you guys have a partner in crime (fitting that we chose that to be your first Halloween costumes) you have two heads together constantly thinking of something mischievous to do.

You are at the fun-loving age, that I can’t seem to get enough of.  I don’t know if I am enjoying it since this is my last go-round with every one of these stages or what, but I love everything that you are doing and everything that you are into these days.  I love all the talking and new words. Watching your little faces while you try to understand what we are telling you to do.  You both talk quite a bit.  I’d say that you each speak about 50 words   Then maybe another 50 in your ‘twin language’. Yes, there is a twin language and I have been witness to it since you could babble.  Sometimes I sit outside your room and listen to you two talk back and forth until you fall asleep. You laugh at each other and know exactly what the other is saying. Yet to outsiders it makes absolutely no sense.  It is precious. You both say a very weird word for ‘cookie monster’.  Something along the lines of ‘eesh’.  And you both say it the EXACT same way.  Coincidence, I think not.

In April, the whole family went to see Sesame Street Live and you were fascinated by all the music, lights, song and dance. I am pretty sure that is what sparked your recent found love of Elmo.  You will point to the tv and ask for Elmo, yet not watch more than 2 minutes of it.  You walk around the house saying “Ernie” all the time and it is the cutest word I have ever heard in my life.  It comes out sounding like ‘Nernie’.

Neither of you watch tv still.  I know some days I would love for you to sit for longer than a 2 minute span, but I also love that you play every second of the day and don’t waste a minute of it on something as mindless as the television. You love, love, love to go outside. The minute someone opens the shoe closet, you are all up in there saying, “shoes, shoes” and wanting to go outside.  You are never happy when you can’t go out to play. When you get food that you love, you both do this little hoppity dance because you get so excited.  Bath-time is another fondness. You always go on your bellies and put your faces in the water.  When it is time for naps and bedtime, Daddy and I will say “baby race” and you both run to the stairs to go up to your room.  From what I can tell, you are going to be great sports players.  You LOVE balls.  You are as content as can be, as long as there is a ball in your hands.  Devin, you can actually dribble a basketball, and Dakota, you can dribble a soccer ball (I think that is what it is called in soccer ;).

You are 28 lb 3 oz.  You are 34 1/4 inches tall.  Your favorite foods are pizza, bananas, ice cream, and macaroni & cheese.

You are 28 lb 4 oz.  You are 34 3/4 inches tall.  Your favorite foods are pizza, bananas, fruit squeezes, gogurts, hotdogs, and popcicles.

You are miracles. Plain and simple. I love you in a circle!! – Something I tell your big brothers.  Circles have no beginnings and no ends and go on forever and ever!

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Two Turning Two

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Dawn and I constantly remind ourselves just how lucky we are to have 4 healthy and very active boys. Devin & Dakota feel like the pinnacle of that luck. Difficult does not even describe what Dawn went through to get them here. Arriving 10 weeks early, we were warned many times of the possible complications of such an early birth. Plus, Dawn being in the medical field sees constant reminders all the time of what some others have gone through with similar pregnancy complications or early delivery. We talk about it and recognize it constantly.

Year 1

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2

Year 3

Year 3






But here we are, 2 years from the day these two arrived on the scene. They are at that incredible age where every day seems to bring a new development. Becoming more in-tune and with the outside world and sense of self. As you might expect, they are developing at the same rate. Their vocabulary is growing daily, but they love saying “no”, “thank you”, and “ball”. With the warm weather ALL they want to do is go outside. They stand crying at the back door to go out.  Just say the word “shoe” and it’s on!

This year we celebrated their birthday with a family party on Saturday and a trip to a local train themed restaurant on Tuesday. They were pretty awe-struck at the train delivering their food. With their birthday always falling around the time of memorial day, the whole weekend tends to feel like one long Birthday. Which is totally awesome. The twins got some shiny new big wheels and some new bath toys from their big brothers on their birthday.

This bounce house has stood the test of time well and come in very handy during kid parties
This bounce house has stood the test of time well and come in very handy during kid parties
Guess what this parties theme was.

Guess what this parties theme was…


Happy Mom

Happy Mom



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No Meat Mondays

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Over the past six months or so we have started up a new weekly tradition around the Grimm Household, No Meat Monday. It’s as simple as it sounds. On Monday’s, we do our darndest to do things up vegetarian style. The menu differs but embraces eating grains, pasta, vegetables and protein substitutes. Dawn has come up with some wildly delicious recipes: stuffed poblanos, tofu pesto pasta and my favorite, the veggie chili.

We are doing this for a number of different reasons. First, we want the boys to know each and every meal at the dinner table does not require an animal on your plate.  We may not be vegetarians (Dawn is close) but I would like to think that we are at least environmentally conscious. And raising them to be so as well. Plus, it just gets them thinking about what they eat and where it comes from.

Secondly, it gets us trying out new meals. Items and pairings we may not have considered before. We are hoping to make it out much more this summer to the local Farmer’s Market. The past two years have been a bit of a challenge going anywhere with the twins, but those tides are turning quickly. We are hoping these trips will spur some new ideas to try out on Monday’s (and throughout the week).


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Two In One Week

Written by Justin posted on Apr 12, 2013 in Family

Well well well. It has been a very exciting week around these parts. First, we welcomed baby Landon into the fold. And just a few days later, Ryan was born too! We are so happy for our Auntie Amy. The Grimm boys might have a hard time warming up to sharing her!

Proud Mama!

Proud Mama!

Ryan Thomas Agema / Born on April the 8th 2013

Ryan Thomas Agema / Born on April the 8th 2013

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