Mom’s Birthday Rundown

Written by Dawn posted on Oct 30, 2013 in Birthday, Conor

Oh my Nonnies!  I cannot believe you are 5 already!  That is so hard for me to wrap my head around!

You had a very fun birthday celebration.  On your actual birthday, we had a super mario party at our house with family.  Then the next Friday, we had a birthday party with your friends for you at the jump zone.  You got a birthday throne that you got to sit on and when everyone sang ‘happy birthday’ to you, you got all shy and hid your face in the chair.  It was so sweet!  You had such great parties and you are surrounded by many special people in your life!

You are 42″ tall, and weigh 42 pounds.  You had a little talk with your doctor at your physical about the lack of fruits and vegetables in your diet STILL to this day.  As we were talking to her telling her you basically eat none of either, your response was, ‘yeah, remember I ate broccoli!’  My response, ‘Yes Conor, i do, but one vegetable every 3 months is not gonna cut it :).’

You are equal parts of sweet and Conortude.  You are so lovey dovey, which I absolutely adore.  You love to snuggle and have your back tickled.  You will out of the blue do our little ‘i love you’ sign.  Which goes way back to when I was little and I did it with Grandpa.  It was how a monkey said i love you in the movie, Factor X.   But you also have a very spunky side to you.  You tell it how it is, and it is seriously your way or the highway!  You love to play with figurines.  Squinkies, trash guys, mario guys, skylanders… You love to make them talk to each other and play for hours upon hours.  Your all-time favorite thing to do is play with Kayce!  You like to watch simpsons (yep that is what I said), rabbids invasion, and rug rats.  You love to watch little videos on the iPad.  Your current favorites are toy egg videos, dinosaurs, and this little boy named Evan, who has all sorts of videos on different toys.  You have this energy that I have never seen anything quite like it before.  You will just randomly scream at the top of your lungs every so often.  Not out of anger or excitement or anything really.  We could just be sitting and eating lunch and you will do it.  It is almost like you don’t know where else to channel your energy, so screaming seems fitting :)  Your favorite foods are hotdogs, pizza, ice-cream, toaster strudels, popcorn, and sour cream and onion stax chips.

You love your brothers and stick up for them no matter what!  You and Kayce feel as much of twins as Devin and Dakota are.  You are always together, always.  Of course you fight, name a pair of siblings that don’t!?!  You guys just have that unique, special connection.  That is the only way I can describe it.  It is beautiful and I can only hope it is a lifelong relationship you will have together.  There was a time when you and Kayce were at a birthday party and there was a little boy there that was not being nice to Kayce.  I was standing outside your bedroom door and listened in our your conversation that night after the party.  You were talking about the boy at the party and you told Kayce, ‘ when he is all growed up and I am all growed up.  I am gonna be a police officer and I am gonna arrest him and bring him to jail.  Yeah, he will go to jail because he is a bad boy.  Ok, Kayce!’  And then a few days later this is what Kayce says to me while getting dressed for school.  ‘I am glad I got Conor instead of a girl’.  I asked him what did he mean.  He said, ‘you know he is my brother. I am glad I didn’t get a girl.  He is my best friend!’  Like I said, special!!!

You are an absolute joy in my life! I love you so very much!

Love, Mommy

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Conor is 5

Written by Justin posted on Oct 15, 2013 in Birthday, Conor

Here at the Grimm family we like to treat the 5th Birthday as somewhat of a milestone. Kayce has a video commemorating the first 5 years of life, and here is Conor’s. The best and hardest part about making these videos is trying to piece out the moments and widdle them down to 5 minutes. Happy Birthday, Conor!! I would make you 500 videos if you wanted.

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Terrible Twosome

Written by Justin posted on Oct 11, 2013 in Dakota, Devin

Recently, I was discussing the latest bout of mischief the twins have gotten themselves into. This person proclaimed I needed to start a journal to track everything they have bent, broken, flushed, destroyed, obliterated, soiled. We have not spoken about it much on here, but I think the time has come. Devin & Dakota are mischief MONSTERS.

Some kids are accident prone. These two are pro-accident. If you take your eyes off of them for just one minute, they are inevitably doing something they should not be doing. It’s like an inherent trait they were born with. Or maybe it’s because it’s two of them. I can’t pin it. No one else with twins has expressed similar issues to us.

Here’s the rundown so far:

  • iPad – We are now on our second iPad thanks to these guys grabbing a kitchen chair. Pulling it across the room to the counter. Grabbing the iPad and smashing it on the ground. Sidenote: I put the iPad out of it’s misery while trying to replace the screen with one of those “anyone-can-do-this-kits”. Anyone but me.
  • Coffee Pot – Easter morning 2013, we are scrambling to get all the kids ready and out the door for our usual tour of Northern Illinois. Someone took eyes off these guys for two minutes and they pulled the chair over, grabbed the glass pot, and smashed it on the counter.  Pieces of glass littered the counter and floor and nary a scratch on the them.  After this, we decided to move the knives and anything else sharp/breakable off the counter.
  • Fish Tank – The older two boys have a small 10 gallon fish tank they keep on a dresser in their room. The twins enjoy taking whatever they can find and stuffing it in the tank (shoes, diapers, toys, crayons). Which would not be so terrible if they weren’t removing the full hood (light on) and stuffing it into the water along with those objects. Electricity is not a concept I can express to them yet. We now need to close their door at all times.
  • Marker tips – All kids are going to get ahold of markers/crayons and write on the walls. Ours are no different. But do yours eat the tips off of 14 of them in 90 seconds? Ya, didn’t think so.  Twins ate the tips off of 14 non-scented markers.  Luckily they were crayola and non-toxic. Sidenote: We never had to call poison control for Kayce or Conor. We have needed to call it 3 times for the twins.
  • Toothbrushes – These two have lost more toothbrushes than you would believe. AND WE HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY ARE GOING! Except for one. They decided to throw it into the toilet, then Conor promptly decided to pee on it. That was fun fishing out.

People think they have an idea of what it is like to manage a brood of kids all at relatively young ages. You really can’t unless you’re living it. Our extended families get a glimpse at family events or visits to the house, but even they really can’t sympathize. I like to tell people my quiet and relaxation time is when I’m at work.



The last thing Dawn and I are looking for is a pity party. We are immeasurably thankful for the family we have become. Sure, 4 rambunctious boys 6 and under certainly gives you an appreciation for the quieter moments of the day. But I’m a nostalgia freak of sorts. It’s in my blood. Because of this, I realize how fleeting these times are. Some day I will be begging for the wild chases around the house when I get home from sitting in a 2+ hour daily commute. Or an impromptu bike ride. A push on the tire swing long past bedtime.  In the end, these guys have supplied me with enough joy to make up for the most destructive and embarrassing moments.

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First Kid, First Grade, First Day

Written by Justin posted on Aug 29, 2013 in Kayce, School

On Monday, this not-so-little-anymore guy started first grade. For Kayce, this will be his first “full” days of school.  Pre-school was a handful of hours two days/week. Kindergarten upped it and he started going every day, but again only for a few hours. Three days in to first grade and he is definitely coming home exhausted. The adjustment will take some time, but obviously a necessary one.

On the whole, this is our first child to be gone all day for the majority of the week. It’s not so hard on me because I’m off making widgets. For Dawn though, it’s a big change. This is her “baby” and having to share him with the world is not always an easy transition.

Likewise for Conor. Since birth, Kayce has been by his side. If not for the look and slight age difference, you would think we had two sets of twins the way. If you are a stranger to our family, Kayce and Conor are always together. One does not go anywhere without the other. Which, as a parent, feels like a big accomplishment. When siblings are as close as you imagined they might be.  Conor is too young to grasp the concept of Kayce being gone at school all day. So when the day finally came his world got turned upside down. Reports are he has been following Dawn around the house like a lost puppy. Luckily, his school starts back up next week. We went ahead and signed him up for an extra day/week and slightly longer hours. He could use it. Because of his late birthday, he’ll have had 3 years of preschool under his belt when all is said and done. He needs a good challenge.

Despite the OBVIOUS importance of school, this latest milestone has been a mixed bag of feelings. It’s indescribable to watch your child grow, mature and become more self-reliant. At the same time, we selfishly wish they would stay young and innocent forever. I never understood the desire to home school children, but now I do.

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