Revisiting Some Past Videos

Written by Justin posted on Dec 21, 2009 in Kayce, Video

I’m still trying to get this version of the web site caught up with some of the oldies. Please enjoy some of my old favorite videos of Kayce as a young budding sprout.

Kayce at 15 months old saying Daddy and looking adorable doing it.

Kayce at 18 months sharing a couple signs and words.

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Paranormal Activity

Written by Justin posted on Dec 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Lastnight, after 8+ hours of sleep/peace/quiet, at just around 6am, Conor’s toy caterpillar decided it needed to be played with.  By a ghost! Yup, it kept turning on/off, which mind you, is a lever which needs to be moved. Not just a simple on/off button being compressed by something else.  This toy caterpillar was in an area of it’s own, no other toys or dogs in sight to be messing with it.  Then, just as Dawn trudged out of bed to go turn it off, it started saying “r”, REPEATEDLY. Technically, this happens when you push down the “r” leg.

I’ve put two and two together and I’m convinced the next letters to come (if Dawn hadn’t turned it off) would have been “edrum”.  Spooky caterpillar.

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