Legends of Archery feat. Conor Grimm

Written by Justin posted on Jan 13, 2010 in Conor, Video

In case you are not hip to the Facebook or Twitter, you may not have seen this music video yet. It is a music video for the song Legends of Archery by Driftless Pony Club. Shot in Chicago during the Summer of 2009. Locations included an apartment above Club Foot, the bands practice space, and the railroad/alley outside of it.

Dawn and I were both very pleased with how the video turned out. We were not exactly sure to how our 6 month old would react to the whole process (i.e. sitting still, not crying around strangers, etc.) but he was in high spirits throughout the whole process.

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Legoland Paradise

Written by Justin posted on Jan 9, 2010 in Conor, Kayce

This is the beginnings of what turned into a huge lego fort.

Forget Lego Paradise, this place is a Lego jungle.

Kayce could live here. And by here I mean Legoland, not this Lego house.

Scared of spiders real and plastique.

A chip after the old block in so many ways.

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A New Car For Daddy

Written by Justin posted on Dec 22, 2009 in Kayce

So last night Kayce and I are sitting on the couch and a commercial for a new Jaguar comes on the tele.  A pretty sleek looking ride.  So I had a little conversation with Kayce and this is how it went.

Me: That’s a nice car, would you buy me one of those when you get older?
Kayce: (Ponders) No, my car.
Me: Haha. Well then what will I have to drive?
Kayce: (Ponders again) Mommies car.
Me: (ROFL)

The thoughts and responses of a two year old are priceless.

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