Kayce’s 3rd Birthday Parties

Written by Justin posted on Jan 27, 2010 in Birthday, Kayce

Kayce had a family party on the day of his birthday and then got to have a party with his closest friends the following Saturday. It was hosted at the Schaumburg Park District which had a kick-butt playroom and was bigger and better than we expected. Thanks to all who attended and made both parties extra special for Kayce!

The Mickey Mouse theme was in full effect

Present magnet

Perhaps this will be painted on the Sistine Chapel someday

This place gets the official thumbs up

It's got a ball pit

And a fort

And entertainment for the lil 'ones

All played out after 2 hours of ball pits, forts, running, diving, eating and celebrating

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The Brothers Grimm

Written by Justin posted on Jan 18, 2010 in Conor, Kayce

A couple of notes about this photo. This is truly one I believe we will look back on in 20 years and immediately get taken aback to the day. It was shot on a snowy Chicago morning just days before Christmas. I was working from home and took a break to go out and shovel, when we decided to take an extended break and have a snow date.  The result here is probably the first photo in Conor’s 14+ months of life where both of the boys sat still and genuinely smiled at the same time.

Moments after this was taken, Kayce grabbed a wad of snow and winged it at Dawn, then yelled “Snowball!!”. Which writing it does not sound extraordinary, but the fact that we had never taught him how to make or even what a snowball was astounded Dawn and I. Truly something he “picked up along the way”.

It’s days like this I wish I could get stuck on rewind, forever.

The Brothers Grimm +1

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Kayce’s 3rd Birthday

Written by Justin posted on Jan 16, 2010 in Birthday, Kayce

Three years old! Every parent says it, and I’m no different. I am floored by how quickly my first baby has grown into a little boy. Dawn and I both agreed this morning that Kayce really did not have a “terrible twos” phase. He certainly had/has his moments, but for the most part has always been a genuinely happy and easy to please boy. Conor, is a different beast altogether.

Happy 3rd Birthday Bear, we love you to pieces!

The stash -- hey, you try wrapping a bike


Tearing into it

I get by with a little help from my Brother

Can you teach me to throw like Peyton Manning

Currently Kayce only peddles backwards on bikes, that's going to need to change

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