Our potty training champ

Written by Dawn posted on Aug 21, 2011 in Conor

Guess who is potty trained????  None other than our little Conor.  I think potty training is seriously the most dreaded task of parenthood to me at this point.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience, both of which I personally am lacking these days.  We started our attempt at potty training just three weeks ago, and to our very surprise he went pee on the potty with absolutely no issues at all.  No accidents, told us he had to go, and that part was done.  And the pooping in the potty only took one week to happen, verses Kayce’s very looooong one year of pooping in his underwear.  But I’m not comparing there, just stating a fact ;)  Here we are 3 weeks after starting this potty training journey and he is trained!  What a blessing!!  2 down, 2 to go :)

So as promised we took him to Toys R Us last night to pick out his big boy toy.  Kayce also got to get a big helper toy.  And that was totally deserved.  Any time my hands were full with the twins it was Kayce’s job to help Conor go potty and if he did that then he too would get a toy for being such a big helper to Mommy and Daddy.  The toys that they both picked were Squinkies.  They are these soft and squishy figures that you collect.  They are having so much fun playing with them this morning and our house is full of these little squinkies and the balls that they come in!

So after all, I don’t think potty training is the most dreaded task of parenthood.  I now think that getting twins to sleep at the exact same time is the new dreaded task :)

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  1. Amanda Agema

    Jealous. Jackson got the peeing part pretty quick too… not so much the pooping part! He refuses to go on the toilet. Gross, I cannot even imagine dealing with this for a whole year! Here’s hoping he gets it sooner than later!


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