Our little pizza chef

Written by Dawn posted on Mar 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kayce has become quite the big helper these days, always wanting to help out with whatever he can.  Even when it comes to cleaning toys, believe it or not.  Tonight, he helped me make homemade pizzas for dinner.  He had a hand in every part of it too.  He spread the dough into circles, spread the pizza sauce, added the veggies, and put the cheese on.

He was so proud of himself, all throughout dinner asking Justin and myself over and over again if we ‘loved his pizza’, and had a beaming smile on his face the entire meal because he made it.

After dinner, I was sitting on the couch and he says, “Next time I will make the pizza all by myself.  I just need help spreading it out (the sauce), putting the mushrooms on Daddy’s, and putting it in the oven.  Don’t come in the kitchen unless I call for help.  So will you come for help if I call?  I wanna do it all by myself.  It will be a fun day, and then we can have a fluffy party too!’

I say it at every stage he has gone through, but I never want this one to end!

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