Our little lovebug

Written by Dawn posted on Dec 1, 2010 in Conor

The main reason we started calling Conor lovie, lover, lovebug is that he loves to grab your face between his two little hands and give a million kisses.  This is kind of his trademark.  It is absolutely precious!  Well here are couple of sweet things he did this past week that just melted my heart!

The other day Justin wasn’t feeling well.  He had been vomiting all day and finally joined us in the tv room and sat on the couch.  Conor went and sat next to him, and put his hand on Justin’s shoulder and started rubbing his shoulder.

Then a few days later I got hit with the sick bug and was laying in bed.  Conor finished eating dinner, ran into my bedroom, gave me a kiss, and ran out.

Mark my words, this little guy is going to break  a few hearts when he is older!

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