Oh Boys

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 4, 2012 in Dakota, Devin

Devin and Dakota are turning from babies to big boys right before our very eyes.  They started walking 3 days apart.  Dakota was first on 10/25, and Devin followed in his brothers footsteps, literally, on 10/28.  They were all over the place before, but now they are faster and can see higher to get into even more fun stuff!  They both love to play with balls.  They walk around holding their ball,  saying ‘ball, ball’ and throw it to anyone they can who will throw and roll it back to them.  They play together and laugh with each other a lot, but also fight a lot!  They will ride on each others back trying to get the others toy.  Or pull the others shirt.  Or unfortunately bite.  Well, Devin bites, Dakota so far does not.  It was tempting not to switch his costume to a vampire instead of Darth Vader for Halloween!

These boys love to eat!  I feel like they follow me all day begging for food.  Or, they actually will just open the pantry and help themselves sometimes too.  They eat just about everything too.  To date, I believe the only food they don’t like is carrots.  I find it so weird that they both have the exact distaste for carrots and nothing else so far.  This twin thing is fascinating to me still!

Words we say:  mama, dada, spongebob, puffs, hi, bye bye, cracker, uh oh, ball, bath.

Words we can sign: more, all done

These boys are amazing.  It is unbelievable to me to remember their first months of life and compare that to now.  Nobody believes me when I say they were born 2 1/2 months early.  There are absolutely no telltale signs of anything premie to them!  We will never, ever forgot how blessed we are for all of these strong, healthy Grimm boys!

2 Comments to “Oh Boys”

  1. Auntie Mamy

    Devin and Dakota–You guys amaze me! You were the fastest crawlers I ever saw in my life. Now you are walking! And you didn’t start slowly and lead up to it—one day, you just took off and started running!!! hahahah

  2. Auntie Robin

    Devin and Dakota, you are doing such a great job! I cannot believe how big you are growing and all of the new things that you are learning!


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