Off To See the World

Written by Justin posted on Aug 2, 2010 in Kayce

In just three short weeks Dawn and I will be dropping Kayce off for his first day of pre-school. Reality has sunk in and I am having a hard time swallowing this pill.  I realize now you can’t fully grasp the pinch of a situation like this until you go through it. Some parents go through it earlier with daycare, some skip pre-school, and some can’t cut the tie at all and choose home schooling. This is the point at which Kayce leaves our cozy nest.

We each have our own selfish reasons for dreading this. Some parents say it makes them feel older. Others talk about the uncertainty of leaving their child in the care of others. The root of my worry is no longer being able to filter all the data which comes his way.  It’s not so much if he comes home saying a cuss word.  More so, I worry Kayce’s glowing personality may be altered by forces I can not control.  As hard as I try to be the best father and Dawn the best mother and raising our kids with the right morals.  It’s the outside environment which now becomes a great factor in his development. Kayce is entering the world, a small step, but he is.

Be good to him world. I can speak from experience, he will show you boundless love and charisma.

Little Bear

2 Comments to “Off To See the World”

  1. Auntie Amy

    Kayce G!!!
    I can’t believe you are starting preschool pretty soon!!! Where did the time go???? You are going to LOVE it, and everyone is going to LOVE you! Don’t worry–
    Mommy and Daddy will be ok.

  2. Auntie Robin

    Wow Kayce! Your daddy’s post brought tears to my eyes! I cannot believe you are starting preschool tomorrow! I can remember the day that you were born. You have grown up so fast! I cannot wait to hear about all of the friends you are making and all of the things you are learning in school. Your teacher is lucky to have you as a student and the other kids are lucky to have you in their class! I love you so much!


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