New Developments

Written by Justin posted on Feb 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know the photos and postings have been a bit sparse of late. It’s not without good reason though. With a newly revamped family room in the Grimm household, we ditched the old computer desk. With it, went the old and frustratingly slow PC which we used to download photos onto. So sit tight and we’ll have many back-logged photos to post as soon as I can muster up enough scratch to buy a new ‘puter.

In much more important news, Dawn is pregnant again, and we are expecting twins.  Yup, no studdering there.  TWINS!  We are all things excited, scared, grateful and shocked.  Doc tells us to expect them sometime around the middle of July. We are not going to find out the sex again. So maybe this site stays “The Grimm Boys” or maybe it morphs into something new.  We shall see.

A recent quote from Kayce: (After watching a 1/2 hour episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars) “Dad, that’s enough TV. We have watched too much already. It’s time to go play.“.  How awesome is  that?

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