More funny quotes by Kayce

Written by Dawn posted on Apr 15, 2010 in Quotes

Here are some of my favorite newest quotes by Kayce.  The things he says are so hysterical, and this is a way to always remember them!


Dawn:  Kayce you need to stay in your bed tonight until it is light outside in the morning.  If you come in Mommy and Daddy’s bed in the night time, then you can’t watch tv tomorrow.

Kayce:  That’s okay.   My toys will be happy.


Kayce is eating a flower shaped ice cube.  Keep in mind that he absolutely will not drink a sip of water!  And I say to him, ‘Kayce did you know that ice is frozen water?’.  His response, ‘No, it’s not water, it’s ice.  The kids will eat it!’


We took Conor to his 18  month appointment and as the Doctor goes to unfasten Conor’s diaper, Kayce says ‘Is the doctor looking at the baby’s penis?’.  Doctor laughing replies ‘Well you’ve got your bases covered!’

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  1. Beth

    The one about his toys being happy if he doesn’t watch tv is still my favorite! The annoying word is a very close 2nd!!! haha


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