Milestones – Then and Now

Written by Justin posted on Sep 22, 2017 in Kayce

When the kids were younger, it was all about the milestones – smiling, crawling, walking, talking, preschool. Those first couple of steps they take on their own will always be my all time favorite. This past Saturday I got to play part in another milestone.

Kayce and I got treated to a Cubs game. Fantastic seats and an even better game (Cubs won 4-1). If you have been to a Cubs game, you know it’s a mass exodus to get out of the stadium. Making our way out on the concourse, I reached back to hold Kayce’s hand – he pulled away. For the last ten years I have held my kids hands. Crowds, parking lots, airports, it’s basically muscle memory at this point.

I glanced back at him, started to shoot a look of sadness and disappointment. He might have seen it. Upon that glance, I realized quickly his motives were not driven by attitude or embarrassment. This was a milestone. He did not have to say it verbally, but his action sold me. Dad, I got this. I can keep up with you, and if we get separated, I will be ok. Trust me.

My first born has taken another important step towards independence. Which is what these milestones have been all along, right?



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