Lions, tigers, and dobermans, Oh My!

Written by Dawn posted on Mar 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was watching Beethoven on TV while Kayce and Grandpa were playing memory.   It was on the part where the two men were running from a bunch of dogs and they jumped over the fence and were relieved to get away from them.  They then turn around only to learn that there are a bunch of doberman pinschers on this side of the fence.  They don’t show the dogs do anything to the guys, the movie just goes to the next scene.  Kayce says, “those dogs are gonna eat them”.  I just said, “no, they are just going to jump on them”.  Then he asks, “are those dogs coming to this town?”

1 Comment to “Lions, tigers, and dobermans, Oh My!”

  1. grandpa

    I still cannot believe how good Kayce is at this game. I was trying so hard and he beat me very convincingly. Here I thought I would have to let him win! Boy was I wrong.


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