Kayce’s 3rd Birthday Parties

Written by Justin posted on Jan 27, 2010 in Birthday, Kayce

Kayce had a family party on the day of his birthday and then got to have a party with his closest friends the following Saturday. It was hosted at the Schaumburg Park District which had a kick-butt playroom and was bigger and better than we expected. Thanks to all who attended and made both parties extra special for Kayce!

The Mickey Mouse theme was in full effect

Present magnet

Perhaps this will be painted on the Sistine Chapel someday

This place gets the official thumbs up

It's got a ball pit

And a fort

And entertainment for the lil 'ones

All played out after 2 hours of ball pits, forts, running, diving, eating and celebrating

1 Comment to “Kayce’s 3rd Birthday Parties”

  1. Auntie Amy

    Oh!!!! It looks like he had soooooooo much fun! Where did the time go????? How is he old enough to have a “kiddie” party already????????


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