K is for Kindergarten!

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 4, 2012 in Kayce

And now for Kayce G.  He started kindergarten at the end of August and is really doing well.  Since about the third or fourth week of school he has been getting ‘books’ of letters to take home and learn and bring back to school to get the next one.  Book one started as a letter with a picture, and he would have to say the letter, sound, and picture.  Well now he is on book 6, which is reading sight words.  We play bingo, and memory as ways to learn these words that can’t be sounded out.  (The, where, what, do, you).  He gets so excited to return these books to his teacher to do them with her and get the next book.  This is a big deal in kindergarten!  We actually got his first ever progress report and he got +’s in every single area.  Not anything where he needed to work on anything or even approaching being able to do something.  He is able to everything that is expected of him.  We are so proud of him and celebrated with chocolate milkshakes!  He loves to color at school, and often tells me that was his favorite part of the day.  He talks a lot about his friends Joey, Johnny, and Collin.

He just finished up his first round of soccer and did very well.  He got a ribbon, which pretty much made his year!  That went right in his collectibles alongside his ribbon and trophy from tball this past summer.

He was a vampire for halloween last week and loved trick or treating this year.  After an hour and a half we were going home, and Justin ended up taking him to a few more houses alone because he wanted to keep on going.  And now he is currently working on his christmas list for Santa.  He is even writing it himself this year, which makes it that more precious!

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  1. Auntie Robin

    Kayce, you are doing awesome! And your drawings are AMAZING!!!! I love hearing about school and hope that Mommy or Daddy posts about how your star student week goes!


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