Just call me Chubs

Written by Dawn posted on Sep 22, 2011 in Kayce, Photos
Brother bonding

Brother bonding

A few days ago I was holding one of the twins and doing the usual baby talk of “look at those chubby cheekies!  Who has the chubbiest cheekies!  Hi chubby bubby”!  And Kayce was right beside me and says, “I want you to call me Chubs”.   I said, “OK, I will.”  He says, “you are supposed to say OK, Chubs!”

So now anytime he comes and asks me a question and I don’t say it, he will say to me, “You are supposed to say ‘what chubs’!”   He will just ask a bunch of questions over and over just to hear me say ‘what chubs”!   And I can’t just say OK, I always have to say ‘OK chubs’!

I find this absolutely hilarious.  I don’t know if I am just slap happy due to lack of sleep, but I couldn’t help but laugh on the way home when I must have said ‘What chubs’ a hundred times!  I wonder how long this phase will last!

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