It’s the Holiday Card Time of Year

Written by Justin posted on Dec 14, 2013 in Christmas, Conor, Dakota, Devin, Holidays, Kayce, Photos

Around here we just love this time of the year for countless reasons. One big one is this year’s batch of holiday cards in all their glory. There is something untouchable about sending/receiving a tangible object to display rather than checking out someone’s Facebook to see their latest family photos.

Dawn does a heck of a job each year coming up with a photo idea and executing. She lets me write the not-so-witty caption and then we pour over design after design. If Dawn has not lost her mind trying to get the photo, she usually does by this point. But, they always end up turning out just right. Something we are proud to show to you.

You’ll have to check your mailbox for this years version, but I thought it would be fun to display all the years past.

Which one is your favorite? I lean towards the 2008, Dawn goes with 2011. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Grimm Christmas Card 20072007

Grimm Christmas Card 20082008

Grimm Christmas Card 20092009

Grimm Christmas Card 20102010

Grimm Christmas Card 20112011

Grimm Christmas Card 20122012

3 Comments to “It’s the Holiday Card Time of Year”

  1. Auntie Mamy

    hahahahaha LOVE these!!! I have to actually go with Dawn on this one….2011. Secret….I still even have that hanging on my fridge! Is that weird??

  2. Auntie Robin

    Wow! It is so cool to look back on all of these! I like the fact that all of your boys are in the 2011 one, but as far as idea….I really like the bathtub one! They are all so cute, but then again you have really cute subjects to work with!

  3. Justin

    It certainly is hard to pick a favorite. Looking back, each brings back so many memories. Not just the kids but where our lives were at, what we were doing. In a strange way these are sorta like milestones. Some people see Christmas cards, I see much more ;).


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