How Life Can Turn

Written by Justin posted on Sep 21, 2015 in Family, Photos

Wrigley V. Grimm

2/16/2002 – 9/20/2015

When Wrigley first came into my life, and I hers, there was no statement of vows. No, 9 months of prep and planning. It was her and I. Forever connected from that day forward. I was ready for being responsible for another living soul. I wanted it.

She was skittish at first. Prior, she had only known farm life. Concrete was not her thing. Nor were stairs. So I carried her everywhere. I did not realize what was happening then. A bond was already beginning to be stitched. One that over time got pulled taut with trust and togetherness. I had never felt anything like it before with anyone.

Relationships. Living spaces. Jobs. People. Emotions. Marriage. Kids. Death. She was there. With me. She always will be. A bond and impression with this foundation does not go away in death.

I came into this all thinking I would be raising her. Caring for her. Not realizing what she was doing for me. Giving me a form of love, affection, and unconditional loyalty, I had no idea existed. Words can’t define what she meant to me and my family. I take great pride in knowing her spirit and everything she taught me will live on.

I can’t wait until our next game of fetch, Wrigs. I love you with all my being. xo

The morning. For the last 13 years, her and I have gotten up together. I let her out. Feed her. Then fix myself something to eat. It was our routine. Every day. ALWAYS an eager eater, she had an internal clock like that never skipped a beat. I could not break the routine by going to the bathroom in the morning and then back to bed. Nope. That was not part of the deal. I’m going to miss the hell out of this.

Mundane yard work. If you knew Wrigley, you know love is not a strong enough word to describe her affinity for playing fetch. In the yard. In Lake Michigan. On a concrete playground. If there was a ball, she was going to bring it to you. Drop it at your feet. Then sprint off at a twitch of your arm. And repeat. I would push the mower around the yard for hours and she would follow me the whole way dropping the ball for just one throw. Or coming out to shovel snow in the dead of winter. Wherever it was, she was there at my side.

Her teeth. Every vet visit the vet would comment on how clean her teeth were. Which I lied about brushing with great frequency to keep them clean. I stopped brushing her teeth after 12 weeks. It was all her.


The head tilt. She had this way of tilting her head slightly to a side when you asked her if she wanted to go on a walk. Usually a dogs ears perk up when they hear something that sounds familiar. She had the most adorable tilt to go with it.

Nicknames. AKA: Wrigs, Wriggies, Wrigs Pup, Wrigs Wags.

This is the last photo of Wrigley.

9 Comments to “How Life Can Turn”

  1. Jessica

    <3love you wrigs. You will forever be missed…there is a hole in all of our hearts that you have taken with you<3
    I love each & everyone of these pictures. Such a good dog.

  2. Amy

    We love you Wrigs! You will be missed more than you know–more than I actually thought. My heart hurts for you Justin, for Dawn, Kayce, Conor, Devin, and Dakota, and for all of us! She was not only a part of your family, but a part of our WHOLE family. She was such a great dog, an amazing dog.

  3. Anne Cancialosi-Lasecki

    my heart goes out to your family as losing a dog like wrinkly really is a loss of the family. She will never be forgotten.

  4. Lindsey Holloway

    Justin this is so beautiful. What a gift it is to have a bond like that, you explained it so well! My dog Cassidy passed away about 5 years ago, but like you said they are always with you. Death does not change that. She will always be with you, and looking out for you. Until the day you meet again…..


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