Home Sweet Home

Written by Dawn posted on Apr 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Me:  Do you guys want to dye easter eggs tonight?

Conor:  NO!  I don’t want them to die :)

We were driving home and Kayce out of the blue says, “When I get really old, I’m gonna wish to be little again so I can play with my squinkies”!

Well, we have been moved into our new house for about a month now!  Hard to believe it’s even been that long already.  We started out with a bang, our usual style, with all 4 Grimm boys getting diarrhea.  We think it was probably rotavirus, that we have not seen since Kayce was one year old, and it was not missed.  We got home from Cancun on Sunday, packed on Monday, and moving day was Tuesday!  On Wednesday by 1:30pm, I changed 27 diapers!  Then after a few days of horrible crabbiness, thought to be from not feeling good, the twins got their first tooth!  Devin was the first, and kid you not, Dakota got one 2 hours later.  (This twin stuff is beyond amazing.  If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would never believe it myself).  It was not fun to say the least, but now we can look back on it and laugh about the insane chaos that we went through for those first few days.

The boys LOVE their new house.  They were first absolutely amazed that they had a room that was just for toys.  And the backyard is somewhere they want to be each and every day!  They have been such good boys with all the unpacking and house projects.  There has been no regression with the move from any of them, they have adapted so well!

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