Harry and friends

Written by Dawn posted on Mar 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you know Kayce, there is a good chance you have also met Harry the Hippo.  Harry is a shovel toy that I bought last summer.  He named it right away and this thing went everywhere with him.   Literally.  He even made me call Auntie Robin to see if Harry was invited to her wedding last August, that is how crazy he was about this hippo.  With all the new toys that Christmas and birthday brought, Harry kind of got put to the side until last week.  I was looking at ads on Toys R Us and came across an ad for you guessed it, hippo shovels.  I showed it to Kayce and he said he wanted the orange and green hippos, because they would be Harry’s friends and he would be happy!   Now on a daily basis I hear, ‘are the hippos at the store yet so we can go get Harry’s friends?’.  (I get asked this because I told him they weren’t at the store yet but they would be there very soon!)

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