Halloween from H-E- double hockey sticks

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2011 was a very "law" themed Halloween

2011 was a very "law" themed Halloween

What a day!   It started out great.   Kayce and Conor were so excited for Halloween.  After being asked twenty times in an hour if it was time to put costumes on yet, the boys were ready and dressed at 9am!  We had a fun day planned ahead of making mummy cupcakes, pumpkin and bat jello jigglers, and zombie marshmellows.  It was all going smoothly until Devin started wheezing pretty bad around 11am.  I was back and forth about taking him to the doctor.  He would be wheezing one minute and then not the next.  And the factor of dragging 4 kids out to the doctor weighed in big too.   But then at 1pm I decided to take him in.  Thankfully too, because he ended up having an ear infection and bronchiolitis.  So we went across the street to the outpatient pharmacy in the hospital and waited 20 minutes for the antibiotics.  While paying for them, the nice pharmacist gave the boys suckers.  I personally hate suckers, they pose such a choking hazard, but what the heck it was halloween!  While walking back to the car, Kayce started choking on his sucker.  I waited a minute to see if it was the real deal and sure enough his face started changing colors and he was grabbing his chest.  So I threw everything I had in my hands to floor and grabbed him and started doing the Heimlich maneuver on him.  A nurse was passing by and she also just threw down her things and came right to us.  Luckily after a few seconds, he coughed that sucker up and was fine.  That would be the first heart stopping event of the day.  The second was while we were trick or treating.  We had the twins in the double stroller and I periodically was looking at them and noticed Devin’s color didn’t look good at all.  And I couldn’t really tell if he was breathing because he was all strapped in his car seat with a blanket over him.  So I took off the blanket and started shaking him.  Pretty hard too.    He did not even budge  the slightest bit.  No exaggeration, Justin was right there too.  So I’m trying to unbuckle him as fast as i can with my hands shaking and just thinking the worst possible, and when I picked him up he started moving a little and his color got better.  Just in a deep sleep and cold?  I don’t know but I didn’t sleep good at night worrying that it would happen again.  This is now the second heart stopping event of the day.  And the last heart stopping event would be when we lost Conor trick or treating.  I stopped for a second to open a piece of candy for Kayce, and Conor went ahead to the next house.  There were packs of kids everywhere as I am pretty sure we have the best trick or treating neighborhood right behind us on the next street.  So Kayce and I catch up and Kayce goes up to the house and we are all waiting for them to come back down.  The  pack of kids clears up and there is no Conor in sight.  So I frantically look around for him and scream his name and there he is three houses down just walking the opposite way on the sidewalk.  SERIOUSLY!!!!!  It was just one of those days  where I had finally just had it!  And I am glad it is over and done with!

When were in between chaotic events though, it was such a fun Halloween for the boys.   Kayce was a police officer, Conor was ‘Sheriff’ Woody, and the twins were convicts.   They all looked adorable in their costumes.   I had talked to the big boys several times about saying ‘Trick or Treat’ when they walked up to a house and saying ‘thank you’ when they were given candy.  I told them I was the thank you monster and if they didn’t remember to say thank you, then I got their piece of candy.  It worked like a charm!  Such good little boys they are, I am so proud to be their Mommy!  And Conor was hysterical.  He sounded like a broken record.  After every SINGLE house he came back saying “I got more candy.  This is heavy”.  He couldn’t have been happier if he tried.  It was too precious to watch!

I’m sure that I will remember this Halloween for many years to come!

Kayce did all his own carving this year, all attempts to help him were futile. Which made me extremely proud.

Kayce did all his own carving this year, all attempts to help him were futile. Which made me extremely proud and nervous.

"There's a snake in my boots"

"There's a snake in my boots"

On the beat

Ready for the beat

Gang of Six

Gang of Six

3 Comments to “Halloween from H-E- double hockey sticks”

  1. grandpa

    This brought tears to my eyes. The older I get, the more that happens. I am very thankful with you Dawn. And I am also very proud of you. Love you all.

  2. Amanda Agema

    Oh my gosh, Halloween is supposed to be scary, but not real life scary! Yikes. Glad everyone is okay and you did have some fun in there. Yes, I believe you will never forget this Halloween!


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