Halloween 2013 Wrap-up

Written by Justin posted on Nov 6, 2013 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Halloween, Holidays, Kayce, Photos

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween last week! It was a bit soggy in Chicagoland, but the mild temperatures helped keep the spirits up this year. We had a Halloween for the record books. Celebrated with friends, family and as much trick-or-treating as the daylight would allow.

The twins are now at the age where they walked the whole trip. Even carried their own bags and trick or treated for their own loot. It was a real joy to see the last of our little ones going at it for the candy. From stroller bound and oblivious last year. To running around to as many houses as they could this year. They were really into the Despicable Me minion costumes Dawn put together for them. This was their first time wearing face paint and getting all costumed up, so we did not know how they would react. The verdict: They loved it. Did not take off their glasses all night.

The twins carried around the standard orange pumpkin bucket for their treating. Funny thing happened in the days that followed. They carried around those pumpkins full of their loot morning/noon/night. Just kept spouting, “candy”. It was like you could see the lightbulb going off in their heads about the new found sugary goodness. We even found they had stashed a bunch of the candy in some hidden places in their room. Little. (Adorable.) Stinkers.

Kayce and Conor got their fair share of the pie too. School parades and some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with Kayce’s buddies after school. Overall, another great Halloween. Which is quickly becoming one of The Grimm families most anticipated holidays.

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