Friday Fun

Written by Dawn posted on Oct 28, 2011 in Conor, Kayce, Quotes
LEGO lovers since the start

LEGO lover since the start

Craft Time

Kayce, Conor, and I were making q-tip skeletons today and I was cutting the q-tips with scissors and Conor must have said 10 different times, “Be careful Mommy.  Don’t get hurt”.  And he was saying it with this little sad face.   Awww,  what a little sweetheart that one can be!

Lunch Conversation

Kayce: “Conor, Mommy said Daddy was scared of the witch on the door.  You know, the witch we hung up for halloween.  But Daddy’s not scared of anything, he is a big guy”!

Conor: “Yeah, Daddy a big guy”!


Conor comes walking out of his room with his blanket covering him and says “I a zombie.  If you come in my room, I gonna eat your brains.  HA HA HA”.

I may have played a tad bit too much Plants vs Zombies when I was on bed rest :)

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