Feel my muscles

Written by Dawn posted on Apr 8, 2011 in Kayce

I think I may have finally come up with an idea to get Kayce to eat his vegetables and fruits.  I told him last week that if wants to get big muscles like Daddy then he has to start eating his fruits and veggies.  The first night of trying this he actually ate broccoli!  And preceded to walk around the dining room table ‘lifting’ everybody out of their chairs to show us how big his muscles got.  This worked other nights with cauliflower, avocado and corn too.  He is one proud boy of his huge, bulging muscles :)  And loves to show any visitors just how strong he is becoming!

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  1. Amanda Agema

    So funny! Jackson is not a great veggie eater either these days…. we have to do the food plane crashing into his mouth or even pretending to be a robot that makes him eat. I swear, if we videoed this, I am not sure who would be more embarrassed some day… us or him! I might have to try the muscles trick,sounds like a good one!


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