Feed Their Curiosity

Written by Justin posted on Jul 21, 2016 in Dad

I’ve got a handful of posts rumbling around in my brain. Going to post them in reverse chronological order.

This past weekend, the Mrs. and I got back from a short getaway trip to Galena, IL. Beautiful mid-sized town with rolling hills and a historic foundation. We shopped the main street dragstrip. Mostly buying stuff we didn’t need, but would enjoy nevertheless. Part of those purchases were some designer soaps. Modestly priced. Great smell. Cool packaging. You know the type.

When we got home from the trip, Dawn had to immediately scatter off to work. So, I found myself back to reality in quick fashion. 4 kids (thankfully) pining for Dad’s attention after a short break. Unpacking. A mountain of housework which I have grossly been putting off. In the midst of my reality check, Conor started to inquire about the soaps. “What is this?”. “Smells good. Looks cool. Can I open it?”. I was not rude, but I quickly brushed him off:

  • Why would he care about soaps?
  • Pay more attention to the fun gift we brought back for you.
  • Dad’s busy and has stuff to do that is more important.

Those types of thoughts.

And he moved on. Didn’t push it or seem to affect him much. For me though, it’s a different story. Not until later did I realize what I had done. Completely shunned and disregarded his curiosity for something he wanted to know more about. Something stupid and small, and would have taken me an extra minute or two to crack open and talk about with him. Reward his curiosity.

The last thing in the world I want is for my kids to stop questioning. Stop wondering what’s behind the curtain. It’s important to me and to them. Sometimes I forget that, but I’m thankful for reminders like this. Spurred by just a couple of bars a soap.

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