Written by Justin posted on Nov 13, 2012 in Conor, Kayce

Last week, I was on the phone when I see Kayce walking down the stairs with two $20 dollar bills and some change.   I asked him what he was doing with the money and he responded, “it’s my piggy bank money.  Conor helped me find elmo so I am giving him money for helping”.  This is a new thing with the boys lately.   They are always telling each other that they will give the other money if they help them do something or go upstairs with them.  I am not sure how it started or who is going to be out of the most piggy bank money when this stage ends ;)

A few days ago on our way to pick up Kayce from school, Conor says to me, “mama, you have a cool car but do you think next year you could get a race car?”. I then asked why and he said,”a girl race car is really cool and you could even fit the baby seats in it!”  Ever since Justin got the challenger this summer the boys love to tell me that I have a boring car and Daddy has an awesome car.  It’s weird to think that this just might be the first car that they get to drive when the time comes, since Justin and I have talked about hopefully hanging onto it for that reason.  Ahh, for now, I can’t even think about my babies driving!

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  1. Auntie Jessies

    HAHA I love that story! It cracks me up. I may have helped them do this one since I always say…I’ll give you a dollar for this….I’ll give you a quarter for this” oops :)


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