Conor is on the mend!

Written by Dawn posted on Aug 31, 2010 in Conor

It is amazing to see how far Conor has come since June.   He has now been on the gluten free diet for 2 1/2 months and I feel as if he is a different child.  It saddens me that he was so miserable for so long until we figured out that he had celiac disease.  But I am happy at the same time that a) we found out now before he is older, b) it is something that can be solved as long as he remains gluten free for his life.  It is not ever easy to hear that your child has anything wrong, but I am thankful because it could be worse.  This is now just becoming a part of our daily lives and it is going as smooth as possible.  Conor gained an entire pound after being on this diet for just a month.  So now there is no more worrying about his weight, which is a huge relief.  It was scary going into the Doctor’s office and seeing his weight coming down instead of going up like it should be doing.   And it was very concerning all the screaming that he was doing on daily basis, only to learn that he had such terrible abdominal pain when he ate anything with gluten.  But now he is happy!!  He laughs, he is talking more, and he loves playing with Kayce now.  There is not a single sound more precious than when my boys are playing together and laughing!!!  It just melts my heart thinking about it!

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