Conor is 4

Written by Dawn posted on Oct 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wow buddy!  I cannot even believe you are 4 years old already.  You are truly the feistiest boy I have ever known.  You know what, when, how, where, and why what it is you need, and it is your way or the highway :).  I like to refer to this feistiness as ‘conortude’!

You love to have your back tickled and must ask me fifty times a day to do so.  When you sit on my lap, you rub your little cheek against mine, almost like you want to make sure you  can’t possibly get any closer to me.  You continue to tell me that I am your favorite girl, your best friend, and that you just love me all day, almost daily.  It is precious, and I cringe thinking about you ever stopping those things.  You started preschool in the beginning of September and cried the first two days because it was the first thing you have ever done without your big brother, and you just kept telling me you wanted him there with you.  But after those first days, you did fine and love to play with all of your new friends.  You just finished playing 8 weeks of soccer, which you totally loved.  You must have asked me 100 thousand times this summer to play soccer.  Your favorite tv shows are Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry.  You love to play with animals and dinosaurs still.  You love any type of figurine (scooby doo guys, army guys, squinkies, spongebob guys).  Your favorite foods are hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, pretzels, sour cream and onion stax potato chips, and hershey chocolate bars. You absolutely do not like fruits and veggies still.  you ate ONE piece of broccoli and went around telling everyone in site how much you loved it because you were so proud of yourself.    After getting through the nightmare of GI issues for over 2 years and being undiagnosed with celiac disease, you love food.  You literally ask me for a snack starting 10 minutes after breakfast and continue to do so all day long.  It has me very worried for our future grocery bills ;).  Due to Kayce doing alphabet homework everyday, you recognize all the letters and most sounds.  You are Kayce’s sidekick.  You two play together all day long.  You are a wonderful big brother to the twins.  You love to squeeze their chubby cheekies and crawl after them.   You still have that amazing low,hoarse voice and seriously awesome hair to go with it.  I think you are destined to be a rockstar!!

You are the best Conor Nonor, Nonnies, Non diddly ons, C ons, that we have ever laid eyes on.  Thank you for everything you are to us.  Happy Birthday you big 4 year old boy!  We love you!

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  1. Auntie Robin

    Happy 4th Birthday Nons! I love you! You are such a loving and caring little boy!


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