Christmas Tree Tradition

Written by Justin posted on Dec 12, 2012 in Christmas, Holidays

The Tree Farm


Traditions are important. They give our brains a path to follow for memory making. One tradition I’m incredibly happy has been kept going from my own younger years and passed on to my boys is going to cut down the Christmas tree each year.

It’s something my parents started up when I was younger. It’s something we all share today. Every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, we head up to Richardson’s Farm to find the years tree. There’s a tractor which takes us to and from the tree fields. Plus a warming house with tons of goodies. Just enough commercialism without defeating the purpose of a going to “farm” in the first place.

I have quickly learned the years time between tree cutting, is just enough time for me to forget how nerve-wracking it can be to drive at a high rate of speed with a large object strapped to the top of the mini-van. White-knuckled the entire hour+ home. In the end though, we always end up back home in one piece with a fresh-cut tree to decorate and care for.

Some of our tree searches end up taking over an hour.  This year we found it within the first 5 minutes. Given the fact the living room in the new house has a vaulted ceiling, I knew we had a lot of room to work with. Since the boys are getting bigger, I let them have final say in the one we picked out. They ended up picking a 10 footer! It just clears the angle of the ceiling where we put the tree. It was a bit of a challenge to get standing straight, but it turned out to be a real beauty. Good pick, Grimm Boys!

See, the tree didn't even fit in the viewfinder

See, the tree didn’t even fit in the viewfinder

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