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Staycation 2012

Written by Justin posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Kayce, mom & dad, Photos, Summer

Dawn and I both took the a whole week off work in mid-July. Rather than go anywhere, we decided to stick around the familiars and do various activities with the boys. No constraints or itinerary is how we rolled. It was a grand old time, spent as a family. Rarely do I get to spend…


Halloween from H-E- double hockey sticks

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 2, 2011 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Halloween, Holidays, Kayce, Photos

What a day!   It started out great.   Kayce and Conor were so excited for Halloween.  After being asked twenty times in an hour if it was time to put costumes on yet, the boys were ready and dressed at 9am!  We had a fun day planned ahead of making mummy cupcakes, pumpkin and…


Twinkies Update

Written by Justin posted on Oct 24, 2011 in Dakota, Devin, Photos

Call it habit, but it’s become clear to me that Devin and Dakota are not getting enough press on here. Well, at four months (almost 5!) that’s gotta change. Some interesting things have happened over the months since we brought them home from the hospital and introduced them to the world.  Most of which, whenever…


Family Photo

Written by Justin posted on Oct 8, 2011 in Photos

*Photo Credit: Robin Radzik