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July 4th

Written by Justin posted on Jul 8, 2011 in Conor, Kayce, Photos, Summer

This July 4th we kept close to the home base in anticipation the twins would be coming home the next day. Well, they did not get to come home, but we sure did enjoy what may have been our last few activities out as a family. Later that evening, we ended up sitting right on…



Written by Dawn posted on Jun 20, 2011 in Kayce

Ever since Kayce was about one year old, I have asked him, “How much does Mommy love you?”  And I spread my arms little by little and keep saying ‘this much?’, until they are as wide as I can get them and then I hug him and say “This much!” Well, I did that at…


The Male Dominated Household

Written by Justin posted on Jun 20, 2011 in Kayce, Quotes

(Scene: Father’s Day breakfast table) Kayce: Dad, why is shirt off? Me: Because I was hot. Kayce: Can I take my shirt off too? Me: Sure, bud. Kayce: Are your pants off to? Me (trying to contain laughter): No, those gotta stay on.


Dream a little dream of me

Written by Dawn posted on Jun 9, 2011 in Kayce

A couple of days ago while we were eating breakfast, Kayce says, “I had a lot of good dreams last night.  One dream was about all the cereals I like.  Kix and cookie crisp and I eat it with my favorite fruit punch.  One about building airplanes with legos.  One about groceries with toys.  One…