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Written by Dawn posted on Nov 5, 2012 in Kayce

Kayce and I were reading a book and it asks what your first, middle, and last names are.  So, he answered ‘Kayce Grimm’.  And I asked “what is your middle name though?”.  And he looked at me all confused and said, ‘bear?’.  I told him that his middle name was Gabriel, and he then asks,…


K is for Kindergarten!

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 4, 2012 in Kayce

And now for Kayce G.  He started kindergarten at the end of August and is really doing well.  Since about the third or fourth week of school he has been getting ‘books’ of letters to take home and learn and bring back to school to get the next one.  Book one started as a letter…


Staycation 2012

Written by Justin posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Kayce, mom & dad, Photos, Summer

Dawn and I both took the a whole week off work in mid-July. Rather than go anywhere, we decided to stick around the familiars and do various activities with the boys. No constraints or itinerary is how we rolled. It was a grand old time, spent as a family. Rarely do I get to spend…



Written by Justin posted on Apr 2, 2012 in Kayce, Quotes

We’re all moved in to the new home and internet connections established. I hope to have a brand-spanking new site and photos up before the start of summer.  In the meantime, here’s a Kayce quote. (We’re eating dinner at Fuddrucker’s and the boys have already had their share of games and trinkets) Kayce: When are…